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Engaging and Assessing Learners with Complex Needs with Professor Barry Carpenter

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This event will take place between 9:30am and 3:30pm on 11/01/2019.

Target audience: Senior Leaders with Curriculum /Assessment responsibility , Teachers in SEND settings 

The course will be presented by Barry Carpenter, Beverley Cockbill & Alan Wood

Course content

Children with Complex Needs are found in all schools . In this 21st Century their numbers have grown rapidly due to a variety of causes and changes , eg, Autism , FASD, ADHD , prematurity etc.

These children present new patterns of learning in classrooms. Teachers have creatively evolved new ways of teaching to respond to these more complex learning profiles.

The missing piece of the jig saw is how to effectively assess these children; how to capture their spiky patterns of attainment and achievement. The Evidence for Learning app has presented a video based approach which enables high quality observations to be made. These can be annotated, tagged and then stored and analysed at timely junctures by educators. This has led to insightful evidence based practice, which has informed parental contributions and interactions. This day offers participants the opportunity to work with three trainers who are at the forefront of these developments linking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment through engagement.


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