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Westminster Special School

Governors Federation of Westminster Special Schools

Federation Governors

FWSS Governing Board and Committee Memberships 2017/18

Governing Board

Andy Balmer – EHT               

June Simson – Chair of Governors (Co-opted) 

Elizabeth Saunders – Vice Chair (Co-opted)             

Shane McLaughlin Vice Chair (Co-opted)   

David Dyer (Co-opted)          Aslam Merchant (LA)        

Tom Jones (Co-opted)      Carole Melson (Co-opted)    

Zsuzsanna Varga (Parent)       Joy Florence (Parent)


   Mandy Byrne (Co-opted)Georgia Attard (Staff)                       

Associate Members

Sue Redmond (Associate Member)    


Priyan Ruda (Associate Member)                                           

The Chair & Vice Chair of Governors, and of each Committee, is elected to serve until the FGB meeting June 2018

                                 Leadership Group

                                                           June Simson – Chair

                                                          Andy Balmer (EHT)

                                                          David Dyer (Chair, PPP)

                                                          Aslam Merchant (Chair, Resources)

                                                          Elizabeth Saunders (Chair, S&A)

            Resources Committee                      

                                Aslam Merchant – Chair                                    

                                Georgia Attard                                     

                                Andy Balmer (EHT)

                                Joy Florence

                                Tom Jones

                                Carole Melson

                                Priyan Ruda          

                                June Simson                        

            Standards and Achievement Committee

                                Elizabeth Saunders – Chair

                                Andy Balmer

                                Mandy Byrne

                                David Dyer           

                                Tom Jones

                                Shane McLaughlin – Vice Chair

                                June Simson

            Pupil, Parents and Partnerships Committee

                                David Dyer – Chair

                                Andy Balmer (EHT)

                                Carole Melson – Vice Chair               

                                Aslam Merchant

                                Sue Redmond                      

                                June Simson         

                                Zsuzsanna Varga


Link Governors (reporting to)                                                                Theme Leads (PPP)

David Dyer – Safeguarding & Wellbeing (PPP) (Asst CM)                      DD - Pupils

Aslam Merchant – Health & Safety (Res)                                                         JS - Partnerships

                                                                                                                                                   CM - Parents

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