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Westminster Special School

College Park School Federation of Westminster Special Schools

Functional Reading

Functional Reading programs are used in the secondary department for many students who need to learn essential functional words. These are taught through fun, multisensory and motivating activities. 

These words are essential for daily life and independence and include single words such as ‘bus’ and phrases such as ‘wet paint.’ The meaning of these words are embedded through literacy games that focus on context and meaning.

You can support your child’s learning through downloading the cards and the tick sheets. (click on the links below!)

There is also a letter informing you about how to use these flashcards in more detail (below).

Return the tick sheets to school when they are finished and as always, feel free to get in touch with your child’s class teacher about how to extend this learning!

Functional Flashcards and Data Sheets:

  • The flashcards below can be downloaded. They are words we need to know to be independent in our community.
  • They are in the order that they are taught at school. Your class teacher will keep you up to date about what words to practice with your child.

How to use these resources to support your child’s learning:

  • First print and cut the words and pictures up. Print the data sheets.
  • Ask your child to read the word
  • If your child gets the word wrong, place an x in the column on the data sheet. Correct the child and move on to the next word.
  • If your child gets the word right, place a tick in the column beside the word on the data sheet.
  • Ask your child to find the corresponding word to the picture.
  • Try again tomorrow!
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