The Federation

Welcome to Westminster Special Schools. We are a federated group of two special schools, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School (Ofsted graded good 2010)and College Park School ( Ofsted graded outstanding 2011) and an Outreach Team of ten staff with a dedicated training centre.

The Federation is still in its infancy, having only been formed in January 2012, but the key components are all present in providing a high quality specialist provision for our pupils, as well as providing unique opportunities for staff professional development. We are all passionate about ensuring all pupils receive the best opportunities we can provide, and therefore all pupils have their own personal learning programmes set within a needs led integrated curriculum, delivered using a primary model. This enables class based staff to really get to know their students and work effectively in supporting their learning needs

Both schools are based in new and/or nearly new buildings, and being located in Westminster provides our students with a wide range of opportunities to learn a range of life skills within busy communities and also enables access to a richness of cultures and diversity. All our staff are dedicated to ensuring the best for all the pupils they work with, and recognise that the federation will offer pupils, and themselves, new opportunities to develop skills, experiences and knowledge.

The Outreach Team work in mainstream schools across Westminster, supporting SENCOs and other staff working with children and young people with SEN in mainstream schools. They also work in our dedicated Training Centre delivering a wide range of courses, open to staff, other professionals within education and social services and parents.

Further details about each of the schools can be found within each schools area.

Westminster Special Schools

Excutive Head Teacher:
Olivia Meyrick

QEII Jubilee School

QEII Jubilee School
Kennet Road
W9 3LG

Telephone: 020 7641 5825
Fax: 020 7641 5823

Head of School:
Scott Pickard

College Park School

College Park School
Garway Road
W2 4PH

Telephone: 0207 221 3454
Fax: 0203 220 0359

Head of School:
Jackie Brathwaite

Training & Outreach

Outreach Service Manager:
Aileen Thomas

Carla Pereira