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Westminster Special School

Federation of Westminster Special Schools & Bi-Borough Inclusion Service

Protective Behaviours Awareness Training - 2 day course

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This event will take place between 2:30pm and 5:00pm on 04/05/2021 and every 2 days thereafter until 06/05/2021.

Presented by Rachel Bailey and Carolyn Gelenter


This session will introduce the Protective Behaviours framework widely used in Australia, the US and in schools, settings and services outside of London. The framework is based around the themes of ' Everyone has the Right to Feel all of Time' and 'Nothing is so Awful or Small we can't talk with Someone About it'. Both of these themes are very relevant and critical for the times in which we currently find ourselves. The framework is process-based and easily adapted for your setting. It is also very relevant for the aspects of safeguarding that are often ignored i.e. how we do support children to know how to stay safe. This 1 day awareness of protective behaviours course will give you enough knowledge and understanding to be able to introduce some of the aspects of the framework in your own setting. We will be running a more in-depth and certificated 2 day Protective Behaviours Foundation Training over 4 online sessions later in the term.





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