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Westminster Special School

Federation of Westminster Special Schools & Bi-Borough Inclusion Service

An Integrated Approach to Using Visuals

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This event will take place between 3:30pm and 5:00pm on 28/09/2021

Presented by BBIS Carolyn Gelenter, Deidre Murphy & Patricia Slater

This course is a different perspective on using visual supports for whole class, small group and individuals in settings and classroom. The course has been designed by an OT, ASD teacher and a specialist teacher for SLCN and brings both a more joined-up approach for all children as well as a wider understanding of how visuals can be used.

Participants will: Know the theory that underpins the importance of visual tools for all children Gain a range of visual strategies and resources Understand and know how to adapt visual supports for whole classes, small groups and individuals with a variety of needs Reinforce and expand knowledge of using visuals to support language, physical needs, anxiety and social communication.

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