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Westminster Special School

Federation of Westminster Special Schools & Bi-Borough Inclusion Service

Everything you always wanted to know about visuals but were afraid to ask!

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This event will take place between 3:45pm and 5:15pm on 11/06/2024

Presented jointly by BBIS SLCN, Autism & OT Team


Why we need visuals/how they support learning, understanding and memory
How visuals can be adapted for individual, small group and whole classes
A range of visuals to support understanding instructions, listening behaviours, vocabulary, every routines etc
Opportunities for sharing ideas and resources


This workshop will draw on the specialisms of autism, occupational therapy and language and communication, in learning and understanding how we can use visuals to support a range of needs at the whole class, small group and individual level. The workshop will be interactive and include some theoretical knowledge of how visuals can be useful in supporting children with executive functioning and physical needs/differences, but also how they are helpful in supporting learning, understanding and remembering for all students. The workshop will also demonstrate a range of visuals supports and how they can be used.

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