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15.07.22 - Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School, celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Part of the West London Inclusive Arts Festival, Summer 2022

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14.07.22 - As part of Careers at QEII, Learners from key stage 3, 4 and 5 have been participating in an In-House Mini Enterprise Sensory-Based Pottery project. Learners had the opportunity to explore clay and t create their own unique clay product - from the beginning stages of clay exploratory state with clay-play sensory trays, to the potter's wheel, and to the final finishing stages of painting and/or paint prints and etchings.


Today, learners will be selling their clay products at Maida Hill Market between 10am - 12pm. Learners will also be selling some second hand goods for 31. it would be great if parents and carers could come visit Made at QEII markets stall in the Maida Hill Market and support our Learners first-time experience of selling products at the market. We loom forward to seeing you there.

14.07.22 - Volunteers from Kingfisher (B&Q owns them) are volunteering at QEII today. They will be working on the upstairs balcony area, painting walls and picnic benches.




13.07.22 - The NHS Audiology team were in today. 

12.07.22 - Today was the last Parent Support Group with Cate Summers, for this term. Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who have joined the support group over this academic year. It's been so nice to see you in person. 

Parent Support Grop dates for the next academic year
September TBC
11th October
15th November
13th December
17th January
21st February
21st March
18th April
16th May
13th June
11th July

26.05.22 - Wheelchair services holding a clinic at QEII School today. 

25.05.22 - Lena enjoying her time at London Zoo.

24.05.22 - Mini enterprise pottery workshops at QEII School. Please have a look at the video and photos below, to see how some of our learners explored the clay.

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19.05.22 - The Queen's Lady - in -Waiting, replied to the letter the school wrote to the Queen


16.05.22 - The Covid 19 NHS Vaccine Team held another clinic for the learner at QEII today.

19.04.22 - Pamela wrote to the Queen. (See above for the reply)

17.04.22 - It was so nice to see some of our families at the monthly Parent Support Group today. The next Parent Support Groups are on Tuesday 14 June, 10am - 11am and Tuesday 12 July, 10am - 11am.

29.04.22 - Flamingo Chicks, an inclusive dance company came to QEII School. As you can see the learners had so much fun. 

31.03.22 - Thank you to the wonderful volunteers from Vodafone who repainted the murals around the school. They were looking a little sad and needed a fresh lick of paint. The volunteers also tidied the gardening shed and around the garden, cutting wood, so it was easier to bin and repainted our picnic benches. 

24.03.22 - As part of careers week, The learners (and Fireman Josh!) had such a great time with the London Fire Brigade firefighters today, it was brilliant!

21.03.22 - Today marks the special event of World Down's Syndrome Day 2022    #LotsOf Socks.

As part of QEII learner's activities this week, the learners have been asked to come to school wearing different coloured socks on Friday 25th March.

Traditionally, the Down's Syndrome Association call for people to wear their brightest, most colourful socks - and, of course, mismatched ones, to raise awareness of Down's syndrome.

18.03.22 Thank you NHS posters made by Bubble class

09.03.22 - As part of careers week, QEII had a visit from the police where the learner were allowed to explore a mounted police vehicle and ask the police officers how they keep people safe in the community. They were also given the opportunity to dress up in the police officers uniforms, handle their walkies talkie and take photos wearing the police helmets.

07.03.22 - This week is Careers Week, we will be focussing on Community Helpers in particular Fire Brigade, Police, Nurse/Doctors, Street Cleaners and Religious Leaders.

28.02.22 - We have been celebrating aspects of World Book day over the week - with storytelling session and story sharing activities. 

On Friday we celebrated this in assembly and across the school. Some learners have come to school with something to celebrate or shared their favourite story. See photos below

08.02.22 - Today is Safer Internet day when we will be joining schools and youth settings across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2022 under the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. 

We welcomed parents and carers to QEII's monthly Parent Support Group with Cate Summers our Educational Psychologist. It is an opportunity for parents and carers to meet each other and to offer support, ideas, their experiences, and encouragement to other parents. Come along next time and try it- there's always a warm welcome. 

07.02.22 - This Friday we are looking forward to QEII's Valentine's Disco. Classes will have a Valentine's celebration/disco in the afternoon as a nice way to start the half-term holiday - they will stay in their class groups for this but choose some of their favourite music for each other. 

04.02.22 - The learners this week were celebrating Lunar New Year, 

31.01.22 - This week was Student Learner Council

26.01.22 - This week Abundance Arts where

21.01.22 - This week some of our learners have been learning that we are all different, and we all like different things:  some of us like lights, paining and music, others like messy play and outdoor exercising. For assembly, we made a lovely piece of art using our hands cut-out. The learners experienced being artists visiting the Art room which was set up for the learners to explore and assemble different materials and items.

10.01.22 - This week we are learning Makaton signing for Differently-abled led Arts

17.12.21 Happy Christmas to all our friends who are staying safe at home - Watch this video from Santa's grotto with Pamela the headteacher and Father Christmas

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16.12.21 QEII's Sensory Santa's Grotto

15.12.21 Today was Christmas Jumper day and our Christmas lunch

Thank you to the kitchen team for a delicious lunch, which the staff were lucky enough to enjoy as well

14.12.21 Here are a few photos from the summer till now, of the new reception area (work in progress)

13.12.21 Thank you to the learners who made the headteacher, Pamela, delicious microwave mug cake

10.12.21 One of the schools many Christmas trees with the headteacher Pamela Murphy (in one of her many Christmas outfits)

09.12.21 - One of Santa's helpers making QEII's very own Santa's Grotto

08.12.21 - Some learners made the staff hot chocolate.  It was yummy!

06.12.21 - This week we are learning Makaton signing for Christmas

03.12.21 This week's certificates

29.11.21 - Theme this week is, Learner School Council.
The learners were asked,

  • Do you like waterplay or playing with sand?
  • What do you like to use at playtime? 

See below what some of the learners have chosen.

This week we were learning Makaton signing for Student Council

22.11.21 This week was Anti Bullying Week; and we have continued to explore kindness, feeling safe and the QEII Band promoting songs relating to friendships, feeling good about themselves, and celebrating how we are all different.

Photo below taken by band member and official photographer/archivist Fadwa
In their rehearsal space getting (even more) ready for assembly.

15.11.21 To support Children In Need, we engaged in different activities. In Art, we were decorating Pudsey Bear. In Music, we were signing about helping / caring for each other and in games session we played Children In Need Bingo.

This week we were learning Makaton signing for Children In Need

Since half-term, we have hosted a variety of clinics at QEII with our colleagues in the NHS, social care and short breaks.  We hope by doing this it is much easier to get the help, advice and services you need without needing to go somewhere different or take too much time off school and in a familiar and friendly space.   So far this term we have clinics for COVID-19 vaccinations for 12 – 15 year olds, a wheelchair clinic, an audiology clinic and a clinic with one of the paediatricians’ from St. Mary’s.  

13.11.21 Saturday was World Kindness Day and we have been thinking about different ways we can be kind to each other.  

08.11.21 This week we participated in some Remembrance Day activities.  Desert class felt different textures of paper, listened to the noise of the paper and felt it in their hands as they scrunched and ripped it, and staff supported them to glue their ripped and torn paper to make Remembrance Day poppies.  

04.11.21 We had a great time celebrating the Hindu Festival of Diwali – the festival of lights.  In class, we were looking different lights, making rangoli patterns with different coloured sand and learning about what how our friends in the Hindu community celebrate Diwali.  If you were celebrating, Diwali we hope had a lovely time.  Did you see any Diwali fireworks? 

01.11.21 Last week lots of us enjoyed a pottery workshop with our friend Rowena.  We could mould, feel, and smell the clay and used the pottery wheel to help make our pots.  We will send some more photographs after they have been in the kiln.  Rowena will be back again later in the year for some more pottery workshops.

22.10.21 Thank you for all your wonderful donations to our local food bank as part of our Harvest Festival celebration. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us online and to Rev Jackie from Emmanuel Church for helping us to celebrate and give thanks for all the good things we have.   

We hope you enjoyed the world premiere of ‘Jazzy Harvest’.  Written and performed by ‘Born Ready’, the QEII school band.  

08.10.21 - Our friends from the local Co-op on Harrow Road, gave us some goodies to celebrate the reopening of the supermarket after it had been closed since the summer for a total revamp. 

23.07.21 Fernando and staff very carefully moved the fish tank to keep the fish safe whilst the new reception work starts

Thank you Tescos for the donation to buy scooter for the learners to use in school.

One Duck Down
(See below full script)

Episode 1 Billy Intro - 

Episode 2 Meet The whale -

Episode 3 Stacey and Stella Seagull -

Episode 4 Scuzzy the Polar bear -

Episode 5 Funky Crabs - 

Episode 6 Pirates Cave - 

Episode 7 Finale - 

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