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Westminster Special School

College Park School Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

Celebrating Staff Talent at College Park School

Our staff are also involved in various education related creative projects outside of school life and use their talents to broaden the learning experiences of our pupils:

Pamela Williams - Post 16 Teachers and Careers Lead

We are proud of one of our longstanding staff members, Pamela Williams, on publishing her debut novel in 2023,  entitled A Trace of Sun, published by Legend Publishers. 

After graduating from St Martin’s School of Art in 1984, Pam Williams spent two decades as a fashion journalist and freelance stylist before leaving the industry to become a foster carer, and now works as a special needs teacher. She joined the Afrikan Heritage Writers Group in 2014, inspired to finally share her work by the death of her heroine, Maya Angelou, and was chosen to participate in the London Writers Award, Spread the Word scheme in 2019. Pam’s parents left Grenada for London in the early 1960s and she was born there two months later – and aged seven met two siblings for the first time, when they were brought over to England to join the family.

Cari Rosen, Legend Press Commissioning Editor comments: ‘Pam's extraordinary and emotional novel shines a light on the separation faced by so many families who came to Britain in the Fifties and Sixties and the consequences that came about as a result of this. Raef and Cilla's story may be a fictitious one, but A Trace of Sun still offers an important slice of history told from a personal perspective. It is beautifully written and both captivated me and broke my heart.’

Alex Cazzato - Teaching Assistant:

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2020, Alex has since taken to exhibiting his artwork across different London Galleries most recently at the Truman Brewery in 2022 and has worked with some well-known brands. Alex has been one of the leads in our new Parents Participation Project, where parents contribute to an artwork that depicts family. 

Daisy Chains - 2022.jpg









Paul Morrow is the Lead practitioner for arts for the Federation:

He is also an artist and coauthor of Cultural inclusion manifesto:

Paul Anderson Morrow Art

Paul has also started writing a book for NASEN on SEN:

Cultural Inclusion

Emily Stratford - Music Teacher at College Park

Emily is a prolific musician and has most recently developed the Music Makes Me event taking place in summer 2023 in the Royal Albert Hall. 

She recently wrote the songs for the CBBC Big Fat Like 

Joseph Elliot - Teaching Assistant 

Joe used to be a teaching assistant at College Park School before he went onto TV and writing books

He is the author of The Good Hawk and The Broken Raven

He is also the co-writer and actor in CBBC Big Fat Like 

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