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Westminster Special School

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School Federation of Westminster Special Schools


The curriculum at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School is designed to meet the individual needs of each of our pupils within the context of a broad and balanced, integrated, creative topic-based approach, guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum. Following admission, each child’s individual needs and abilities are assessed, and an Individual Education Programme (IEP) is written which lists key objectives for that child for the coming year. Teachers then incorporate these personalised goals, and more focussed targets into their termly planning for each Topic area. Therapists work closely with each class group and planning meetings are held regularly with the teacher to ensure an holistic, needs-led approach to the pupils' education.

At Key Stage One (Years R, 1 & 2) we take an early years approach, delivering much of the foundation curriculum through topics, with discrete lessons on English, Maths and PSHE

At Key Stages Two and Three (Years 3 to 6 and 7 to 9) we continue to offer all subjects of the National Curriculum, but they are delivered using the primary model of delivery with most subjects being delivered by the form teacher within a topic based framework. Some more discrete lessons are delivered in some areas such as english reading and some aspects of numeracy. However, even in these areas all aspects of the curiculum are focussed on being functional to the pupil and transferrable across a range of environments.

Throughout the school, full use is made of our own outstanding facilities, such as hydrotherapy pool and dedicated music and art rooms, but pupils also make full use of community facilities. Pupils use local swimming pools and sports centres for PE and leisure where possible, and we promote independence through Travel Training to and from local facilties. There are trips to a wide variety of places, generally within London as well as local shops to develop social interaction, community and shopping skills. Students at Post-16 who choose to attend the City of Westminster College when they leave school, complete a Link Course at the college one day a week in their final year.

At Key Stage Four and at Post-16, we continue to offer the core curriculum, again focussed on functional skills and independence, all of which contribute to the ASDAN accreditations Towards Independence and Transition Challenge. In their final years at QEII students participate, where applicable, in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, work experience and many opportunities to engage effectively with the local community by helping with gardening in Regents Park, or supporting the delivery of sandwiches made by their peers from College Park during their weekly sandwich service for staff.

The school also has outstanding provision for Creative Arts and Music and students regularly participate in projects and workshops with a wide range of external providers, such as Cirque du Soleil, BBC Symphony Orchestra. Students enjoy a wide range of visits to the theatre, music concerts and art galleries.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee, please contact the school, where you will be able to talk to your child's class teacher and/or the heads of department.

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