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Westminster Special School

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

Know More About Us


QEII School is a maintained local authority school for pupils aged between 4 – 19 years of age, with severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties.

We offer our pupils a positive and supportive learning environment within which we deliver the best possible education to meet their individual learning needs. We work hard to ensure that all our children feel positive about themselves and their learning, and consequently acquire a high level of self-esteem. All successes, no matter how small, are celebrated. We aim to instil in our pupils an understanding of the importance of being part of our community and of the need to value and respect friends, family and staff.

Our curriculum is integrated, and maximum use is made of all learning opportunities, no matter the focus of the topic or lesson. We recognise that our students need to learn at every opportunity, from the minute they enter school in the morning to the moment they leave at the end of the day. Our school has excellent facilities, and its position near shops and local community facilities enables us to work with our pupils in a wide range of differing environments. This creates chances to work in real-life settings within which they learn social and life skills and can put into practice the skills they have learnt in school.

We recognise the special importance of school life for every child and their family, and we encourage working in partnership with families to ensure both a productive and happy experience for all concerned.

What Ofsted Says About The School:

"Relationships at all levels throughout the school community are characterised by respect, patience and understanding. This ensures that all pupils whatever their age are enabled to develop well.

OFSTED, October 2013

"Parents and carers comment that all the staff at the school care exceptionally well for the pupils and this is one of the reasons why they chose the school.

OFSTED, October 2013

"All pupils make good progress from their starting points. They learn to relate exceptionally well to adults and each other.

OFSTED, October 2013

"The sixth form is good, where each individual pupil is well prepared for the next stage of education, training or employment.

OFSTED, October 2013

"Class teaching teams are well led and provide interesting activities for a wide range of ability and need in each class. Teamwork between teachers and support staff is excellent, resulting in high expectations of what pupils can achieve.

OFSTED, October 2013

"Pupils behave well, are enthusiastic in lessons, feel safe and are keen to participate and learn.

OFSTED, October 2013

"Partnerships with parents and carers, outreach and training services and a local charity are excellent, resulting in a vibrant school community that is continually making improvement."

OFSTED, October 2013

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Westminster Federation of Special Schools,  Bi-borough Inclusion Service aims to be a centre of excellence for the delivery of dynamic and creative special education to pupils, staff, parents, mainstream schools and the community.

Our Vision

Is for the Federation of Westminster Special Schools and the Bi-borough Inclusion Service to be renowned as a leading provider for special education with commitment, drive, ambition and passion focussing on:

  • Integrating all aspects of pupils’ learning and development,
  • Excellent and creative teaching leading to meaningful outcomes
  • High expectations of achievements for all.
  • High quality support to mainstream and other special schools resulting in positive inclusive practice.

We will achieve this by:

  • Creating a learning environment which is safe yet exciting, positive and encouraging, respectful and understanding, inclusive and aspirational  promoting health and wellbeing as fundamental to achievement
  • Promoting high standards in teaching, learning and leadership through rigorous self-evaluation and shared accountabilities for continuous school improvement
  • Effective use of resources, ensuring the money is well spent
  • Encouraging all members of the federation to reach their potential
  • Valuing the contribution of all, building confidence and self belief
  • Providing a creative, integrated and holistic approach to supporting pupils in developing their knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Preparing all pupils for their future role in adult life with successful transitions
  • Working in partnership with parents and other professionals both within and beyond the school, including increased involvement with the wider local community
  • Moving forward together, ensuring pupils, their families and federation staff achieve the best they can with the opportunities and support available.
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