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Westminster Special School

College Park School Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

London Youth Sailing Games

Project Description/Overview: 

Many people do not understand the importance of PE and sports for special need students. For many of them it is a lifelong condition and the physical activity might be one of the limited ways to express or prove their abilities. Twenty students from College Park School had an opportunity to attend 10 sailing sessions with WBB club and two of our students represented the borough at the LY Sailing Games where finished 5th and 3rd places. This was an exciting event for the students and their families who used it as a chance to celebrate the achievements of their children and socialise with other student’s national wide.



Key successes - outdoor activities, improving their skills to travel by public transport, benefits of being active outdoor, learning new skills in a small team environment, improving communication, increasing attention and socialising.

Barriers overcome – traveling, engaging with other students and adults

Testimonials – Participants (anonymous)

Benjamin and us had a great day.

He collected 2 bronze medals, 1 category boat 1 with Westminster.

We loved it, and Benjamin really enjoyed the sailing more than 3 hours in very windy condition. His partner James was great too.


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