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Westminster Special School

Federation of Westminster Special Schools & Bi-Borough Inclusion Service

Our Vision & Values

Together we are an aspirational learning community 

Who we are: 

The Federation of Westminster Special Schools and Bi borough Inclusion Service is made up of two all age 4-19 special schools; College Park School and Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School, and the Bi borough Inclusion Service which delivers specialist support to pupils with SEND in educational settings. Together we are an aspirational learning community, and we embrace and respect the diversity and uniqueness of our inner/central London communities. 

Our Mission:  

We are committed to transforming the lives of children and young people with SEND in our communities and beyond, through the delivery of innovative specialist education. We strive to deliver a personalised and meaningful curriculum so that our pupils build cultural capital and are equipped to transition to their next stage in life with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to thrive, as healthy and engaged individuals to achieve success, and prepare them well for adulthood. 

Our vision: 

To deliver high quality, innovative and creative education and support, inspiring all who work and learn with us to aspire to excellence. We aim for all children and young people to be happy, and to flourish, leading as full, interesting and independent lives as possible.  

Our values: 

Integrity We are honest, open and value reflective practice.  

Respect Everyone is a valued and unique person, treated with dignity and kindness and encouraged to become empowered as confident, independent members of our community and beyond.  

Ambition We are continuously tenacious in ensuring our teams perform well and deliver the highest quality provision and educational experience. We are aspirational in our expectations of ourselves and others. 

Perseverance We show resilience and a tireless pursuit of excellence in all we do. We are unwavering in our effort to harness all opportunities the children, young people and families deserve. 

Collaboration We partner effectively to seek the very best outcomes for all our pupils, families and stakeholders. We value research to develop our expertise and share and embed innovative and effective practice. We are outward looking and growing influence in our local area and beyond. 

We will achieve our mission and vision by: 

  • Embracing and respecting the diversity and uniqueness of our inner/central London communities valuing the contribution of everyone we work and learn with 

  • Promoting creativity and innovation through research and collaboration 

  • Creating learning environments which are safe, engaging, motivating and purposeful  

  • Recruiting the best and investing in professional development for our staff teams 

  • Promoting high standards of learning and teaching and leadership, through self evaluation and shared accountabilities for continuous school improvement 

  • Ensuring the most effective use of resources for the benefit of the learners 

  • Partnering with parents, families and professionals  both within and beyond our organisation and local community  

  • Preparing our learners to become valuable members of society leading as full, interesting and independent lives as possible  

  • Working in partnership with our stakeholders to ensure everyone achieves their best  


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