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Westminster Special School

College Park School Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

School Travel Plan Link

College Park is special educational needs and disability school that encourages its students to be as independent as possible in their everyday life. As part of the curriculum, we have a public transport training programme for our pupils which consists of the following:

  • Use of ICT applications, mapping exercises for planning a journey (older students)
  •  Practical sessions on public safety while using public transport (bus and tube) (Freedom pass on bus days that are run by TFL and Metropolitan Police.)

We also use the travel scheme during work experience placements for our students to become familiar with as many modes of transport as possible. We take pupils on various forms of travel such as walking, buses, trains and school bus.

In the past, our pupils have taken  part in the ‘cycling ability’ training. This helps some of our students to learn how to cycle safely and others to experience riding a bike.

We reinforce road safety as part of our safety week through our ‘Safety Week’ workshops and lessons. Classes have been given high visibility jackets and older students who are likely to cycle out of school, will be given high visibility reflective belts (part of the Safety Week project)

Students are encouraged to be fit and healthy and the school’s curriculum offers a range of activities and lessons to reinforce this: e.g. Gym sessions, Healthy Living, Food Tech lessons, Walking trips and P.E activities                                           

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