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Westminster Special School

College Park School Federation of Westminster Special Schools

Science Week 2017

Science Week 2017 at College Park School is one of many events take took place this year. Simply put, the success was down to teamwork from teachers, support staff, admin, finance, and senior management. Students acquired new knowledge and experiences that resulted in moments of awe and wonder even for some staff members.

It was a fully loaded week with an in-house earth and space installation with planets designed by the students, which hung from a zip line. The space was blacked-out to allow layers of light, colour, shadows, and reflection resulting in a sensory experience of calm, play, and interaction. Students explored using paint, projector torches, glow sticks, a sensory mood-changing cube, and some took part in writing under a UV light with a calm ambience created through the background music and visualization. Of course they also made a mess to reflect their excitement and response to stimuli.

Our students took part in workshops of dry ice, slime, plasma ball, polymer, and stomp rockets. All students were engaged, interested, excited, and had the opportunity to explore and even take home some gooey slime. Students were able to use their senses to taste, touch, see, and smell new materials, liquids, gases, and textures. They developed socially, mixing with other classes they would not normally have the chance to, and developed confidence in trying out new things. We then explored a dome, which was inflated to fill up our school hall allowing children to sit calmly whilst exploring visual simulations of earth and space with moving stars, planets, and other phenomena.                                                                                         


We ended our week as usual with a science fair allowing each class to present one of their experiments in our playground. Rockets flew into the sky with children amazed and excited, colourful gloop and slime filled our hands as we swayed and moved around, our taste buds were stimulated with moon and star shapes cookies and cakes, volcanoes erupted, tornados were swirling and balloons sped up zip lines, various colours were mixed together to create rainbow-like patterns, and a light show was presented to all with various areas to explore light textures, sensory objects, and to play.                                                                                  

A massive thank you to all the staff that knew the children well and the best way to support, redirect, engage, sympathise, and manage. There was surely a good sense of teamwork and a desire to encourage student engagement, safety, and happiness.

Benjamin Ajilore

Science Co-Ordinator

College Park School

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