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Westminster Special School

Bi-Borough Inclusion Service Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

Useful Websites

See below a list of useful resources.

A coalition of 50 organisations.  Resources and information for families, professionals, school staff and early years settings. Hosts ‘What Works?’ data base of research-based interventions. Develops projects such as No Pens Wednesday.



Support for children with communication difficulties.  Resources, information and advice for families, professionals, school staff and early years settings.

A membership based organisation of professionals working with children and young people with developmental language disorder. Produces newsletter and conference focused on up-to-date research in area of SLCN.

Afasic produces information to help with early support, your legal rights, education and the SEN system.

Created to Raise Awareness of Language Learning Impairments. Here you will find videos that explain what a language

Elklan writes and delivers accredited courses for education and other staff working with those with speech, language and communication needs and for parents, and trains a network of licensed tutors to deliver Elklan courses locally.


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