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Westminster Special School

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School Federation of Westminster Special Schools
& Bi-borough Inclusion Service

Values & Ethos

At QEII School, every pupil is valued as an individual. We are committed to providing all our pupils with an excellent educational experience that supports them in becoming confident, respectful and caring. Pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential, to develop a desire to learn and to participate fully in the school and wider community.

In accordance with pupil’s abilities, needs and behaviours, we aim to:

  • Develop pupils personal, social and emotional and skills, enabling them to enter into meaningful relationships with others;
  • Raise pupils self-esteem and confidence, encouraging and supporting pupils towards independent living;
  • Provide a safe, stimulating learning environment that offers sensory, therapeutic and medical interventions where needed;
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which supports core and foundation subjects and is embedded in creative arts;
  • Provide equal opportunities for all pupils so everyone is treated with respect;
  • Enable pupils to be flexible and adaptable and to be able to transfer what they have learnt in school into their home life and the wider community;
  • Respond to individual pupils learning styles through a person-centred approach using a variety of teaching methods, which are appropriate to the need of the pupil.
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